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Vacation / Away Notice

★★★★★★★★★★Vacation Notice ★★★★★★★★★★

I will be offline = Dec 3rd – Jan 5th

Im going on a much needed vacation!!!

I will come online to check notecards as much as possible, but I wont be sitting here all the time, even if my avatar is logged in, it doesnt nec mean I am behind the computer. So pls if there is a issue, send me a notecard. I receive my offlines in my email.

Redelivery [ in the store ] –
Redelivery Terminals are located all over the store – easiest location – landing point!

Store Credit [ in the store ] –
Terminals are located all over the store – easiest location – landing point!

Marketplace Purchases –
Please advise, sometimes it will take the mp up to 8 hours to deliver your purchases, buyer beware especially after midnight slt – 8am. If the delivery still fails, send me a nc but you will have to wait til I come online and I might not sign in for days. If you dont want to wait, please file a ticket with LL to have your funds returned.

Harrassment –
Mute is your best friend, if your bothered in the store, file a AR [ Abuse Report ] I will not be here to make an immediate ban, please take care of these issues yourself.

Missing items –
Please drop your purchase on the ground and right click -> manually open, DO NOT USE THE SCRIPT [ see “Missing” tab on my profile picks for more info ] .

Errors –
If you receive a error on a purchase in the store, I need a nc with the error from local. Please dont continue tryin to make the purchase it really doesnt help me at all lol.

Deliveries from the Luckys or Gachas –
I cannot redeliver these items, so if SL glitches, Im sorry but I cannot redeliver.

Questions about hair, accessories etc from my vendors – see for links to the stores I shop.

Sales / Events –
AlterEgo will not be involved in any until my return. No TOSL, Designer Showcase, Sleazy Saturday or MashUps.

Gifting Credit –
You may do so while Im offline, see landing point!

I think thats it, if anything else pops up, I need a Notecard not a IM please. Ken will be online to help with customer service, but pls be advised that he cannot redeliver anything.

I will miss you ladies, be sweet to my store and I will see you all next year!


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