announcements <3


ty to all the VIPs & creators that came to our House Partay!!!!! I appreciate the support!!!! TY also to Suki DJ-Suki Steampunk for coming in on short notice and rockin the house!!!! Kehl, Heather, Jenika, Kennedy GearzLexi ZelinStar Paneer, Violet, MystiqueBlaisdale BrunsenDani SavixWhisper Mizin, ty all for being a part of my sl <3333 you all!!!!!!

Reminder! If you want a double dose of what Suki dished out, we are tag team djing aboard the SS Metaverse, Saturday, June 30th from 4-6pm, this will be our first performance together and ive waited a yr to do this so, come on out, i will have AE goodies with me!

LM Coming soon, im not inworld or i would post it :P

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