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whoa … hmm well uhmmm

that was post #666, so lets make a post to get off that number, im sure i have something to talk about here …

★Seraphim Hunt began July 15th – see sign @ my entrance or

★American Bazaar Sim Festival ends on July 22nd!!! Make sure you swing in for some shopping for the low low.

★One Voice Fundraiser – Gala Phoenix / Curio Skins ends July 22nd. Latest news see:

I have a set up inside my mainstore, but I highly suggest you go to the event as well.

★Perfect Wardrobe / New Round / July 16th – scroll down :P

★Upcoming Events:
Fashion Voodoo [August 10th-30th]
Pink Ribbon Fair [August 4th-25th]

★Weeklys / Bi-Weeklys
Tosl – Taste of Secondlife weekly events @ AE Mainstore
GFW – Grenade Free Wednesday @ Jersey Shore
PW – Perfect Wardrobe @ Escapes

Wow well, yeh thas good enough me phinks … this concludes the post #667 yall have a great week!!!

New Releases coming today!!!!!!



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