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Vote 4 AlterEgo – Hot as Hell

oooOOOO this is pretty interesting, i was looking thru my inventory and looky what i found!!! Thank you to the Hot as Hell hunt team … quite a honor to be up here ….

Toxxic Army … read note &
Vote!! Vote!!!Vote!! Vote!!!Vote!! Vote!!!

Note to Toxxic :

Congrats!! You were selected by our 3 independent judges as one of the Top Stores in our Hot as Hell hunt.

6 Stores were chosen to be put into the public voting station!

If your store is chosen as one of the top 3, you will win a monetary$$$$ prize!

Now it’s up to the public to vote for the top 3!

Feel free to vote for your own store, and to have your staff, friends, or customers come by to vote!
If they are part of Nocturnal Hunts, they can also grab the free complimentary group gift!

Voting will end July 28th!

Thanks again for your participation in Nocturnal Hunts Hot as Hell Hunt! We hope you’ve enjoyed your experience!

Voting Location :

Finalist Note:

Our judges used the following criteria when judging the stores.

1. Store: They took into consideration how the store looked, felt, the atmosphere of the store and the overall ‘feeling’ of the shopping environment.

2. Hint: They considered how relevant the hint was to the location of the prize, and how creative the hint was, and how relevant the hint was to the hunt theme.

3. Ease: They considered the ease of the prize location. Too easy and they deducted points. Too hard and they deducted points.

4. Prize: They considered the quality of the prize given.

This store scored 38/40 pts by our 3 judges. [I blame Spunk for the 2 points we missed there lulz]


This is actually pretty cool, Ive never been in this position before, and Im kinda stoked, so voteeeeee – yay make meh happeh!!!!!

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