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50k Contest :: July 30-Aug 10 :: AlterEgo

AlterEgo 50k Contest —July.30 through Aug.10 ’12

See Flyer – feel free to blog or pass it around :

Prizes :
►5,000L store credit
►Outfit named after you, starring YOU in the vendor ad!
►Coverage on the AlterEgo store blog
–One winner takes all–

Join = FREE
Voting = 25L

▪▪Rules▪▪ [regions are zero tolerance]
– Contestant can NOT vote for themselves.
– Friends & Family can vote unlimited times.
– Don’t cheat, if we catch you, you will be disqualified and banned from AlterEgo.
– Zero Tolerance!! [no bullying, talking shit btwn parties etc]
I will ban you for being a drama llama as well.

This contest will have moderators paying attention to it!
We are watching to make sure it runs smoothly.

Photos have to be REAL Avatars, pls no morphs! -they creep me out! NO rl photos.
If these are found the boards will be reset.

Joining will run : July 30th – August 5th
Voting will run : August 6th – August 10th
Board will be popped approx 8pm slt on August 10th

Voting – Please pace your votes! Busiest voting days are generally the first & last day!
If your contestant board breaks, I cannot fix it, so pls let your voters know to pace them.

Contest will be held @ the AlterEgo landing point.
Everyone is eligible to join!! Men, Women, Furries … whateva!

We wish you luck & let the games begin!

~Toxxic Rhiannyr


5 thoughts on “50k Contest :: July 30-Aug 10 :: AlterEgo

  1. Just a couple of questions so I can pass this along, and I hope it’s ok to ask here… Is there any particular theme? and are they supposed to wear alterego fashion?

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