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Clusterphuk Invades AlterEgo

Yeshies, a NEW line of Mesh products have hit inside AlterEgo, and I am here to say, its a side project I have taken on in my down time. I know your prolly like “Dude!!! How much can you possibly do?” well haha uhm I do A Lot just know that. I chose the name Clusterphuk because it came up in a conversation a while back with a friend of mine, and I was like man, good name for a store lol, so I jacked it! Also ya know it explains alot in SL terms as well. Ima be pretty blunt and honest here, its different then my usual AlterEgo, Ima bitch with hella attitude, dont put your crosshairs on my head, tha phuk you lookin @ style! Its toned down, more earth tones, shabby chic looking if you will. Im sure creators can feel me on this, it gets really hard sometimes when you are re-creating the same theme over and over and over, and you just for the love of GOD want to look at a different avatar, shit even just BE someone else for a little while. That is the beauty of SL, you need silence, sign off and come on as someone else with NO friends heh. *Gasps* yeah I have alts bc people drive me bonkers sometimes :P Still lurves you though, hey everyone has the right to get away from it all sometimes, so dont judge me, I made cute shit and its in my Main just for you.

Please keep in mind, that I consider Clusterphuk as a separate store! I dont have any of the items on my Toxxic Rhiannyr avi and will not handle the customer service side on it either. So please to help me stay organized, IF there is a issue, please leave a notecard for the owner : StrangeFruit Streusel … dont ask, shes crazy!!!!! I have offline notifications going to my email, so I will be notified and help as quick as I can. Clusterphuk is on the marketplace, and I will be adding my newest releases tonight. The whole room Ive designated for her is Mesh! All items have demos, please try them on before purchasing, bc there is NO refunds, unless it is a double purchase. Clusterphuk is also NOT on the credit system, I will not honor credit being used on her items, this is separate. Oh did I mention … all items are only 99L!!! I plan on it staying this price. Clusterphuk at this moment doesnt have a blog and to be pretty honest lolz, I dont think I will make one, just shoot out her releases here, I have WAYYYY to many blogs to keep up with at the moment. However, there is a Clusterphuk Group inworld, its FREE to join, chat is offline, and only new arrival notices will be sent. At this time I dont have a group gift, but that might change later, no one is in the group, heh this has been on the marketplace since I started it and the stores first time being seen inworld.

I hope you enjoy what I have done in my down time. Ive had alot of fun with this so far. She is my breath of fresh air. And if your wondering why I outed myself here, well I think its ok to have multiple stores if you have time to take them on. Some AE customers often ask me, like “Do you make shapes?” and I point them to Delusions’ wall or Crushs wall and they are like, “no made by you” which is flattering, but I want you to know this is made by me, just on a different account. And Crush & Delusions have badass shapes, I wouldnt steer yall wrong lol. So for the sake of “is it created by you!!!” … yes this one is and I hope you like it. Why did I put it inside my store, well the honest answer is, I do whatever I want heh.

Clusterphuk is located in the old mesh room, front right wing of the store, when your walking in. The AlterEgo Mesh items have moved directly across, behind the Lucky Chairs. You will notice I have opened 2 new rooms up, one of them will also lead you to the 2nd sim, where you can find more outfits and menswear. Toxxic 2 sim holds items that are a lil older, and older for me is like the past 6 months or so. I have also added a room that is being filled with Jeans / Baggies / Pants. I plan on breaking down some outfits, and pullin the jeans out, to either re-do or offer as a separate purchase. That is a suggestion from a customer, and it was a good one, so Im on it.

Also you might notice that the middle of the store has a runway built in. Yes I do plan on having a AlterEgo Fashion Show, I dont know exact dates or info just yet, but I was in the building mood the other night and just built it, it will be used soon. You CAN walk thru the runway area and access the Toxxic 2 sim. Its not blocked off, you need to walk on either side, and slowly bc it is a sim crossing. You’ll notice the signs “MORE CLOTHES IN THE BACK” yeh they dont lie there is ALOT of stuff back there. Explore!!!!!

WOW I so typed to much, I bet no one reads all this, but if you have made it this far, I has a cookie for you! ♥

Thankies for listenin to my psycho babble …. useful information is below and some pics.

Clusterphuk – Womens Mesh Clothing Line
Owner : StrangeFruit Streusel
Marketplace :

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