Event : Hunt

AlterEgo – Mind Fuck Mini Hunt

AlterEgo presents


Yep Im spontaneous! I wanted to dooo something fun!
Ive done this before, but only with 1 outfit prize, this time you have the potential
of nabbing 15 FREE outfits from AlterEgo.

Begin : noon slt 8/31
I will pick these up @ midnight tonight!
so 12 hours for you to hunt ur ass off!

You are looking for a small pink box, like the following image.

There are NO CLUES! You wont be able to use Area Search!
Hunt items are named the same as their contents & Im not telling you what they are!

You simply will have to look!

All prizes are 1L!

All hunt items are located INSIDE the store! BOTH SIMS!!!
This is a great opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with both my regions! **sounds kinky**
Some people dont even realize there are more clothes in the back! There are!

AlterEgo Promo Team will be in effect! **Look for their tags!**

DJ Suki will be live on stream, to lighten your migraines with soothing choonz!!!

Here is your TP! Have fun, get pissed & dont ask where the items are, bc we wont tell you!

You can hate me now <3

~AlterEgo Staff







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