Toxxic Rhiannyr – Offline Notice

I will be offline from 8/3 -??? due to surgery.
Please leave me notecards. ty


5 thoughts on “Toxxic Rhiannyr – Offline Notice

  1. Hi I am wondering what u wore in your video on YouTube called Product Review • Maitreya Lara Body I just wanted to know because I would love to look like that so would u be willing to tell me everything that was on such as hair, skin, head, shirt, and bottoms? Thanks!

    • oo that was recorded well over 2 years ago. i honestly dont know what i was wearing in the video. ill take a look over it and see if i can figure it out.

    • i can positively say that the skin is from glam affair, i have no idea which one it is though. there is no head worn, bc heads didnt exist back then. the lingerie im wearing on the video comes with the maitreya body, or used to. again, this video is old so idk how she has her packages now. hope that helps some.

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