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AlterEgo Nominated for 3 Avi Choice Awards!

Its that time of year again! Avi Choice Awards are going on and I was just notified that AlterEgo has been nominated for 3 awards this year! Thank you to those who put our brand in! •Favorite Cosmetics Designer •Favorite Female Skin Designer •Favorite Urban Clothing Designer Voting opened Nov 12th and goes til Dec… Continue reading AlterEgo Nominated for 3 Avi Choice Awards!



I havent blogged in a long long time, the couple sponsors I have left are prolly like ToxxxxxXXXxiiiccc! :p But here we go, super cute look for yas!!!! I must say, YAY to Truth makin clothing … ehh ehhh yyehhh!! ♥ skin: alterego [victoria•havana•#7gacha•thriftshop•nov8] shape: alterego [deliah•sadnovember] hair: truth [vienna•new!] top: truth [lush sweater•new!] tattoo:… Continue reading #733