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12 days of Christmas


12 Days of Christmas
hosted by
Toxxic Rhiannyr

This holiday season I bring you “12 days of Christmas”! 12 days of FREE-mas! But only if you are a member of the Toxxic Design Studios VIP group! No taggy, no prezzies, no feel-y sorry for you-eee🙂  For the 12 days, SLaying up to Christmas, VIPs will be pampered, spanked and spoiled with gifts from AlterEgo, Enertia & #Toxxic! This is the time of year where this lil elf gets to t-t-werkin’!!

You have from right meow to Dec 13th to join my VIP groupie for FREE!
Once the event kicks off, group membership fee will be in effect for new comers!
<insert Puss in Boots eyes>
↓Ya cute … awww — not fallin for it … JOIN THE GROUP↓

Image result for puss in boots eyes

Join Meow! secondlife:///app/group/978068f2-b421-5095-7d96-1a660c7abbf2/about

My biggest question tho … can we hit 10,000 members? Hmmm … I challenge yew!