I get asked soooooOOOO many questions all the time, from fashion to hair, how to’s to fitting, so I will try and keep this page updated with answers to all your burning inquiries. IF you have one that doesnt get covered here, ofc let me know! I will add it! Someone else out there in the metaverse might be wondering the answer as well.

Mesh Mouth Fitting
Everyone always wants to know what mouth I am wearing in ads. Answer: Loud Mouth Elena Kissy
Inside each skin package for AlterEgo I include a modifable shape that has “[M]” at the end of the title. “[M]” stands for Mouth! This is a modification to each skin’s specific face, with mesh mouth settings ready, so you can play with the other settings to look more like yourself, or keep them and resemble more what I have on the ad. Basically in my experience, Lip Width, Lip Fullness and Lip Thickness need to be set to 0. Depending on your shape, sometimes the Lip Ratio needs to be adjusted as well. Additionally, if my tips dont help you, Brias has videos loaded to the Loud Mouth website


Windlights –
I actually have made a couple windlights myself and use them often in posts or vendor ads. You can download them here.
Some of my favorite windlights to use are CALWL [great for skin matching], Ambient Dark [great for silohuette photos], Ambient Grey, Orange Incubus.

You can also, download windlights from other residents. See links:
Strawberry Singh
– Juicybomb
– Xanthe’s

Installation for PC: Computer > C: > Users > Owner > AppData > Roaming > Firestorm > user_settings > windlight > skies [copy & paste the xml files in here.]